Marketing and Economic Development White Paper

A decade-long strategic evolution of a Buy Local and Business Attraction program.

KRM-Eco-Dev-Case-Study-Graphic-CTAKathodeRay Media works side-by-side with the Greene County Economic Development team. An extension of their in-office staff and leadership since 2010, we have placed into market many in-County awareness programs. Our result? In the Capital New York Region, Greene County, NY now has a reputation for being affordable, beautiful, and commutable.

Our long-term, collaborative relationship has generated and contributed to major successes. We have achieved annual goals and targets, with these cumulative results:

  • Over 1,000 local businesses promoted through free listings on
  • Over 12,000 engaged social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Over 2,000 downloads of publications and guides, about creating a small business
  • Over 2,000 engaged prospective new business contacts receiving monthly updates, offers, and news alerts
  • Over 1,500 pages of website content, business listings, and blog posts, each optimized for relevant searches
  • Over 120,000 annual visitors to, and
  • Over 40 new small businesses established in the county since 2016 through the Invest In Greene program
  • 36% increase in Greene County Sales tax revenue (2010 vs. 2019), generating an operating surplus

Download our detailed case study

Use the registration form to gain access to our White Paper. It will explain how we combined outbound and inbound methods, to increase local spending and attract new businesses. Our strategies include:

  • Attracting consumers and businesses by writing  engaging content.
  • Tapping into the power of everyday influencers using social media.
  • Capturing and nurturing leads using informative content.
...and more!